AggroChat #341 - Ghost Bear Friends


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Tonight we start off with a brief reprise of last week's Diablo 3 Season 23 topic. Because of the changes to followers this is pretty much the easiest season yet to complete in full. We talk briefly about the Diablo 2 technical alpha going on and how it is mostly just D2 but prettier. Grace talks about her experiences with Cozy Grove which is effectively Animal Crossing but Ghost Bears. Tam and Thalen talk about their experiences with Super Adventure Box in Guild Was 2. Bel talks a bit about Games Preservation and more specifically the release of a demo copy of the long rumored Castlevania Resurrection. Finally we go down a topic path that has been sitting on our list for awhile and talk about directed gameplay versus guided gameplay.

Topics Discussed

  • Easiest Diablo 3 Season Ever
    • Overpowered Followers
    • Diablo 2 Technical Alpha
  • Cozy Grove
    • Animal Crossing but Ghost Bears
  • Super Adventure Box
    • A Platformer Kodra Doesn’t Love
  • Games Preservation
    • Castlevania Resurrection
    • Nintendo PlayStation
    • Missing Content from different industries
  • Freeform versus Guided Gameplay
    • Bel Wants out of the Car
    • Directed Gameplay in Sandboxes

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