AggroChat #350 - Super Dungeon Friends


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Hey Friends! We made it to 350 episodes! Which seems like a big number but as Thalen puts it… it is a new record over last week's new record. We break into a brief discussion about the era of big box games which brings us into a discussion of the era of pack in “feelies” From there Bel talks about his return to Final Fantasy XIV and the forming of the Super Dungeon Friends community. We also talk about the weird events this weekend happening on Cactuar the server we all play on. We talk about the Co-Op game It Takes Two and the platformer Iconoclasts. We also talk a bit about D&D Dark Alliance and Mario Golf Super Rush.

Topics Discussed

  • Big Box PC Game Era
    • We Miss Feelies
  • Returning to FFXIV
    • Super Dungeon Friends
    • Weird Weekend on Cactuar
  • It Takes Two
  • Iconoclasts
  • D&D Dark Alliance
  • Mario Golf Super Rush

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