AggroChat #356 - Wildermyth


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Tonight we start off with the travails of Belghast attempting to heal things on Scholar. Kodra chimes in with his own experiences in the same class. Bel talks a bit about getting to the bottom of the weird obsession that seems to be taking place with hitting +99/+99 aetherpool as fast as humanly possible in Palace of the Dead. This leads to some discussions of WoW mindsets showing up in FFXIV players. Bel and Ammo talk a bit about The Diadem and super chill leveling gatherers. We talk at length about Wildermyth and how it does an excellent job of replicating the tabletop RPG experience in a digital interface. Finally, we talk a bit about Art Software and Ash’s explorations of what works for him with Ammo and Bel chiming in a bit towards the end.

Topics Discussed:

  • Bel Trying to Heal Stuff
  • Gotta get 99/99 Fast
    • WoW Mentalities in FFXIV
  • The Diadem
  • Wildermyth
  • Adventures in Art Software

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