EP 18: Eliana Georges - An Inspiring 9 Year Old Girl Fights Brain Cancer & Chases The Magic of Life


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Eliana is a gracious, inspiring, funny & care-free 9 year old girl. Whether she’s dancing on stage with musician, producer and music mogul Pharrell Williams, being a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, meeting Jimmy Kimmel at a red carpet event, where she was a special guest, appearing on countless television interviews, flamenco dancing or horseback riding, she is always swept up in the magic of the moment, her positive attitude and outlook on life is truly inspiring.

You would have no idea looking at her or talking to her what she’s been through. Eliana has been fighting for her life almost since the day she was born, starting with a stroke at the tender age of 4 ½ months which doctors determined was caused by a brain tumor. Though she had already faced a potentially fatal brain cancer before she was even half a year old, she had always kept up a positive attitude—and never stopped chasing the magic of life.

Talking with Eliana and soaking in her angelic spirit literally changed how I view people, relationships and experiences. Listen in to hear this brave, inspiring young girl.

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