331: What motivates consumers around the world to buy British meat?


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British food products remain relatively niche in export markets and more needs to be done to highlight the positive attributes of pork from the UK. These findings come from new research from our consumer insight team, which explored consumer buying behaviour across three continents to provide valuable insight into where British produce fits into these markets.
In this episode, John Bates speaks to guests Steve Evans, AHDB’s senior consumer insight manager, and Dr Phil Hadley, Director of International Market Development, about this research and the purchase drivers of shoppers in 17 different markets across Europe, North America and South East Asia.
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Steven Evans, Senior Consumer Insight Manager: Steven.Evans@ahdb.org.uk
Phil Hadley, Director of International Market Development: Phil.Hadley@ahdb.org.uk
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This episode was hosted by John Bates and produced and edited by Miriam Drewett, Marcomms Manager (Pork).

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