Coolie Kids Reunion! Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, and Dean Morrison LIVE from the Cooly Hotel


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Hold onto your corn holes Swellians! Smivvy and Deadly have outdone themselves yet again, bringing together a panel of Australian surfing legends more steeped in sweet sweet oceanic glory than a bagful of puckered calamaris.

Thats right, Mick Fanning ("He's that fucken good!"), the Penrith-born, Ballina-raised, Coolangatta kingpin, and winner of three time world titles ("With a hammy on a screw") joins his old mate, 2012 World Champ, Joel 'Leslie Shnorkoss' Parkinson, and Dean 'Dingo lipstick' Morrison for a full blown fizzing froth-off for the ages.

It's Iconic. It's bubonic. It's turbo supersonic karrrrrrrronic. Rip in you filthy cone fiend core lord degenerates. This ones on us.

Are. You. Keeeeeeeeding. Me?!

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