In Loving Memory of Jack Macaulay: Mental Health Special ft. Wet Lettuce


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It’s with heavy hearts the Swellians take to the air this week. The program lost one of its own in the late great, Jack Macaulay, Gracetown’s finest, son of Dave and Lorraine, brother of Ellie, Laura and Bronte. In this mental health special, the boys go deep on the nature of depression and anxiety, and offer their thoughts on the various solutions.

We also talk the Aussie leg of the Wozzle, and whether our countrymen have a snowflakes chance in a Trump rally of taking out a World Title in the next five years. There’s the synapse melting John John film, theories on why the Brazzzos are officially off their f**king heads good at the minute, Swellian questions, and much, much more.

Take care Swellians. "Fully in, fully out!" - Wim Hoff

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