Strayan World Tour Blood Bath Breakdown, #CarnMorgz, Chopes Mortal Conebat plus Bonus Swellian Talkback Ep!


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We mighta taken out the womens and mens divisions in Mexico but did you see the core lord blood bath at the other end of the Tour rankings? The Big O, the Surgeon, the Gosford Grug, Olearyzy bra, all gone. Gone! GOOOOOOOOOOONE! The Punch Drunk Pikey and Rinsed Corn go deep on what might be the darkest day in Australian Tour History. We demand a ROYAL COMMISSSSSSSSION! Get off ya fat sack SCOMO!
We put our noses to the wind and smell nothing but fig jam and caviar coming from the End of the Road following a historic day of monstro death slabs at Chopes.
Plus, hear Smivvy perish live on air due to half a dozen poisonous tick bites in the bonus Swellian Talkback Ep glued onto the back of this one.

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