Wade Goodall on Pentacoastal, P-Pass, Burning Man and breaking three legs (feat. Surfcore2001)


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WATCH SWELLIAN TV HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arRCxMmoCj0&fbclid=IwAR2tzSltculpJyhhIanWhY7eOQ7gKry5nHcrolTtqXOoRbaVLbX8ueGCTRA SOAK YOUR EYE JELLIES IN THE FIRST EVER EDITION OF AIN’T THAT SWELL TV. A sure fire Logie winner featuring the life and times of The great Wade Goodall! The lacerating frontside gaffes of Surfcore 2001 and a billion other bits and pieces that the world’s loosest surf podcast is infamous for! It’s a aural and visual celebration of all things shred and it’s a big thank you to all the Swellians who threw down during our Donation drive! The button is still active on theswellians.com website if you want to chuck a few bucks in for more ATS YouTube eps in future! UTFS!

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