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Gary Heferle from Fresh From the Farm Fungi joins us to talk about his mycology journey and the amazing benefits of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Gary and his wife Addie founded Fresh from the Farm Fungi LLC in June 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Originally from the Syracuse and Buffalo areas of New York, Gary and Addie met in college and soon after graduating, followed bigger dreams that led them to Denver in October 2013. Gary has always had a passion for gardening, plants and nature; and along with his microbiology background blossomed a love and enthusiasm for mushrooms. Stay Connected!!! The Airey Bros. IG @aireybros / Premium Content : AB/DC Programming / B-Role & Mix Tapes / Accountability Coaching Value for Value The Black Oxygen Organics products have been formulated to help reduce the effects of inflammation and oxidative stress. In addition to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, our effective products also help: Most Powerful Electrolyte in Existence Delivers Usable Oxygen into the Cell 70+ Trace Minerals Reduces Oxidative Stress Improves Immune Function Supports Healthy Circulation Boosts Metabolism Improves Brain Function, Memory, Mood Improves Heart Health Increases Nutrient Absorption Removes Toxins, Heavy Metals, Pesticides Cell Regenerating Enhances, Repopulates Gut Flora Helps Balance Hormones

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