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Jim Gale joins us this week on ABR to discuss Food Forest Abundance. Imagine if you utilized your property to create a self sustainable eco-system that allowed you to grow your own food so that you didn't have to rely on going to the grocery store. That is Jim's mission at Food Forest Abundance. What is a Food Forest you ask, it is a diverse planting of edible plants that attempts to mimic the ecosystems and patterns found in nature. Food forests are three-dimensional designs, with life-extending in all directions. Food Forests are low-maintenance, sustainable, plant-based food production and self-sufficient system incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, medicinal herbs, and perennial vegetables which have yields directly beneficial to humans. Nature grows in a highly optimized pattern, utilizing multiple layers and making the most of both horizontal and vertical space. Buy the ticket, take the ride, grow food, not lawns! Jim is also a DII national champion and in 2004 he was inducted into the NCAA DII Wrestling Hall of Fame. Stay Connected!!! The Airey Bros. IG @aireybros / Premium Content : AB/DC Programming / B-Role & Mix Tapes / Accountability Coaching Value for Value

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