2018 Alabama vs. Arkansas


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Alabama Football Podcast Breaks Down Alabama vs Arkansas

2018 Alabama vs Arkansas

In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast breakdown the Tide’s adventures in Fayetteville with the Hogs of Arkansas.

Put $&@% on Tape

Tua and Jalen on the field at the same time? Obvious and easy is our explanation for why this was a genius move by the Tide offensive brain trust.

Fast Paced Offense

How fast is too fast? And despite talk to the contrary, does Alabama need to insert more runs into the mix just to spell the defense?

Two Touchdown Test

A couple weeks ago we discussed the sheer number of players capable of busting out a two TD performance at any given time. Since that time, the Tide has done just that. Check out as we revisit that discussion


What’s the perfect gift for the offensive set that has everything? Why, a versatile H-back type of course. Check out which former player we (or at least one of us), believes would make a perfect addition to this roster and why.

Secondaries in the Secondary

With the injury to Trevon Diggs the Tide may get creative in securing the right personnel for the jobs at hand.

Funniest Thing All Day

Something happened during the game on Saturday that was genuinely funny and went largely unnoticed. Check out what tickled our funny bone.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

Alabama assumes the Homecoming position as the Missouri Tigers make their way to Title Town for a look see.

We hope you’ll check out the Podcast and, in the meantime, Roll Tide!

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