2018 Alabama vs. Louisiana


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Alabama Football Podcast Breaks Down Alabama vs Louisiana

2018 Alabama vs Louisiana

In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast breakdown the Tide’s beatdown of the Louisiana Rajun’ Cajuns.

Tail of Two Offensive Halves

We’re not sure which is more surprising. That Alabama rolled off 49 first half points for the second time this season, or that against a Sun Belt foe the Tide only mustered 7 the entire second half.

OL Shuffle

Saturday saw two offensive tackle go down. While the Tide is fortunate that neither injury was particularly serious, the AFP team discuss the backups and speculate as to how the team would adjust were the injuries to have been more serious.

Depth Watch

Alabama’s lack of depth in the defensive middle was exposed Saturday in the second half. At a time when both teams were happy to simply run out the clock, the Cajuns found life on the ground in racking up enough yards and pointes to win the second half.

Hockey Tackles

Check out the new stat we invented during this weeks’ game, along with who we believe would be the league leader were this indeed a viable metric.

Unusually Special Teams

Alabama accomplished an unusual special teams feat Saturday thanks to a renewed focus on special teams play.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

Alabama travels to Fayetteville for potential trap game, per CNS himself, against the Razerbacks of Arkansas.

We hope you’ll check out the Podcast and, in the meantime, Roll Tide!

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