2019 Alabama vs. auburn


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In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast break down the Tide’s disappointing trip to West Georgia, a land where toilet paper is significantly under appreciated.

Councilman Mac

Mac Jones was up to the challenge in this contest, and even with a pair of unfortunately interceptions, still delivered enough plays to lead the Tide to victory. Of note, was the leadership he demonstrated. His willingness to take ownership over the poor plays will crediting the team for the good was the right tone.

And Jaylen Waddle

Its hard to call Waddle’s performance a coming out party, but with a history of being the “and” player behind Tua’s big 3 receivers, the shoe still fits. His feats of speed were funhouse worthy.

Najee Henry?

At times Saturday Najee Harris took over the game like Derrick Henry used to do. Finishing with 27 carries for 146 yards was Henry-esque as well.

Where have you gone suffocating defense?

The personality of the Tides 2019 Defense was off the mark all season and the best of Alabama’s opponents were able to take advantage. That its so easy for pundits to assign blame is counter evidence. The litany of go to explanations, while each possessing merit, confirms the diversity of cause. Tune into the podcast for the widely overlooked nugget most likely to explain this game’s outcome.

That’s so auburn

Inexplicable ball bounces, clock management, and personal groupings…. This game had all of them and we break each down in turn. Check it out on the show.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

Hmm, good question. This Tide has not faced a bowl season like this one since 2013, after enjoying 5 straight appearances in the College Football Playoffs. A record likely to hold well into the expanded playoff era.

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