2019 Alabama vs. Clemson


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Alabama Football Podcast Breaks Down 2019 National Title Game

2019 Championship Game Alabama vs Clemson

In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast breakdown the Tide’s disappointing outing in San Clara against the Clemson Tigers

Not What We Had in Mind

While I’m certain much of the college football world was pleased to see Alabama get their tails thumped, the honest ones will admit to not expecting it. Not to subtract from Clemson’s talent and performance on the field, the Tide’s miscues weighed heavily in this contest.

Tua logged only six interceptions on the season and the two against Clemson were promptly cashed in for touchdowns. Alabama fans, as frequent beneficiaries, will attest little good can come from spotting a quality opponent 14 points.

Likewise arm-chair quarterbacks, regardless of affiliation, will universally expect a team to, almost by accident, register more than 9 points when given five separate trips inside their opponents 22, with three reaching Clemson’s 3-yard line or better.

Alas, such observations, without regard to their accuracy, are only taken as sour grapes so for the purposes of this report we’ll move on. But if you wish to indulge this line of thought further, then you must check out our game wrap up show.

Lack of Depth Catches Up

Depth across each level of the defense was a concern leading into the 2018 season. The starting three defensive linemen featured a new starter and little proven depth. While the outside linebacking corps was deep prior to injuries, the middle ‘backers were paper thin. And the secondary was replacing all six players from the 2017 dime package. This too before injury struck.

Clemson, a team skilled and deep enough to take advantage, did just so. Injured pass rushers conspired with an overmatched secondary to create a buffet of passing opportunities for the Tigers wunderkind QB.

Ultimately, the Tide’s misfiring offense pared with a gracious defense made for a long night.

Players Leaving

As is an annual ritual, several Alabama players are electing to forgo their senior seasons in chase of NFL fortunes. While all departing players will be missed, some may be better prepared than others for the jump. We offer a couple bold opinions on who may be making the best or worst decisions.

Coaches Moving On

Similarly the Tide coaching staff is frequent target for promotion and pillage and the 2018 staff is no exception. Here again, some exits are logical and others less so.

Gone So Soon

And so another college football season is in the books. I am forever reminded of the laments of the late, great Beano Cook. We wait so long for the season to arrive and then it goes so fast.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

This year we hope to more actively weigh-in on a range of off-season topics; recruiting, coaching changes, transfers, and spring drills. We hope you’ll join us in the discussion.

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