2019 Alabama Vs. Western Carolina


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2019 Alabama vs Western Carolina

Alabama Football Podcast Breaks Down the Tides Cupcake Cookoff with the Catamounts of Western Carolina

In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast break down the Tide’s cupcake collision with Western Carolina

Mac the Knife

Make no mistake, Mac Jones proved that he knows how to handle the sports car that is the Alabama offense when tossed the keys. Tua he is not but averaging 27.5 yards per completion means he’s no slouch either.

Smith and Waddle

Two of the more explosive receivers you’ll ever see and I’m not omitting Jeudy and Ruggs from the equation. The crossover move by Devonta for his first score will give Catamount defenders nightmares while the burst from Waddle along the sidelines was next level.

Najee Again

Yep, just did something before half that hadn’t been done in the SEC in 20 years. So what?!

Turnover Machine

The poor Catamount quarterback accounted for 5 turnovers on the day and Alabama was pleased to make him pay.

Not a Fair Fight

Western Carolina didn’t have a chance in this game and at times the talent gap was stunning. But it was business that needed to be handled and mostly it was a clean showing.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

Yawn… the Tide travels to west Georgia to handle a band of Plain Eagle Tiggers. We hope you’ll check out the Podcast and, in the meantime, Roll Tide!

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