2020 Alabama vs. auburn


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Show Notes

By: Alabama Football Podcast


2020 Alabama vs auburn

Alabama Football Podcast breaks down the 2020 Iron Bowl and a visit from the Gus Bussers.


A win against any opponent is a welcomed event, but there is just something extra about beating this pride of in state Tigers. So much more so when the victory is a contrast of excellence and ineptitude.

Quarterback Competition

Of course, quarterbacks do not compete directly against one another during a game but it is no less a competitive arena and all comparisons are fair. Or perhaps not. Comparing Mac Jones and Bo Nix ultimately seems unfair to both parties. But consider the progress each player has made since the 2019 Iron Bowl. Most would agree Nix has regressed while Mac has elevated his game into Heisman and first round contention.

Saban Stayed Home?

If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know. Of course, within the SEC footprint and particularly within the Yellowhammer state we might wonder which rock you crawled out from under given all the media coverage, but the game itself offered no clues. It was not just the win, or the margin, or improved defense. Covering Saban’s game time duties, Sark even had the nuances down. Leading the team off the buses, the pregame stadium walk, and the (not always so), faint conservatism in big games. Overall a great, and welcome, impression.

Train Kept a Rolln’

Don’t stop me if you’ve already heard the one about the defense improving week to week. Don’t stop me because this Tide defense isn’t finished yet. If it were a cake the pleasing aroma would fill the house, but we’d have to keep it in the oven because its not yet finished developing. Fortunately, these days, the defense is not a cake so we get to enjoy each iteration, each cycle of improvement. Saturday fans were treated to the angry edition. A rare flavor that signals ‘almost ready’ with hinted notes of ‘potential greatness’. Ah, the tastes of the season.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

The revenge tour continues as the Tide’s foray into Baton Rouge is rescheduled.

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