2020 Alabama vs. Georgia


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2020 Alabama vs Georgia

Alabama Football Podcast breaks down the Tides’ smashing success against its very own funhouse mirror image, the Georgia Bulldogs.

In this episode Alabama Football Podcast breaks down the Tide’s reversion to the mean with guests Kirby Smart and his cuddly lapdogs.

Styles Make Fights

As predicted, Alabama rose to the occasion and did work against Georgia. Yes, some of the improved effort was motivation for the big game, but credit is also due the matchup itself. Georgia’s 2020 mystique is (was?), rooted in its defense. While praiseworthy, the defense was a diversion, a distraction from an offense sporting a rebuilt offensive line and under performing offensive stars, or 5 stars to be more specific. Oh, and let’s not forget a former walk on QB, who, while sporting the endearing backstory and clever nickname, lacked the requisite gravitas to pilot a top shelf program through the true rigors of an SEC schedule.

Alabama’s Made for TV All Stars

If Georgia’s offense was conducting Star Search competitions on an Athens hillside, Alabama’s was completing an AGT-styled exhibition on the field in Bryant Denny, mystifying the Bulldog defense in the process. Mac passed for 400, Najee ran for 150, and both Smitty and Waddle compiled 160 receiving. It was as if godmother Oprah delivered the pregame speech – you get a career day, and you get a career day, and you get a career day.


Habits and Goals Progress with Small Steps

Even the previously traumatized Alabama Defense had its Stuart Smally moments in the first half with an interception, forced punts, and a couple near misses on Georgia scoring plays. In the second half the confidence soared to full blown Tony Robbins levels as the Tide shut out the increasingly weary and defeated dogs.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

The Tide travels to Knoxville for a little leaf peeping in the mountains and time permitting may squeeze in an afternoon frolic with the Volunteers in the area. A good time is predicted for the visitors from Title Town.

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