2020 Alabama vs. Kentucky


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2020 Alabama vs Kentucky

Alabama Football Podcast breaks down Alabama’s return to action after a three-week hiatus to face off with the Wildcats of Kentucky.

In this episode Alabama Football Podcast breaks down the Tide’s dominant performance against the Kentucky Wildcats.

As Expected

The contest with the Cats included many predicted storylines including Alabama’s slow start, Kentucky’s physical attack, first quarter scoring, and the Cat’s tendency to possess the ball and shrink the game. Also predicted, the outcome, or more accurately the Alabama’s margin of victory would depend upon the Tide’s ability to regroup, shake of the rust, and get back to business. By all accounts Alabama responded well in posting a 63-3 final score.

Defense Trends

Additional predictions pointed to the Tide secondary improving weekly and such would rise the performance of the defense as a whole. With 11shutouts in the last 14 quarters of play, its hard to deny the value of this current trend line.

The Beauty of Youth

Saturday offered a glimpse of what fans most enjoy from the UTC-esque matchups typically smattered across a non-Covid schedule. A legit chance to see the next generation of Tide players see meaningful action. Let’s just say the offense is in good hands.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

The Tide hosts auburn.

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