2020 I Want to Talk Football


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2020 I Want to Talk Football

Alabama Football Podcast takes a timeout from our crazy Corona-inspired times and talks football and football adjacent topics with our podcast community.

In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast spends time talking topics with our podcast audience.


We start our Football podcast with a comment on the recruiting performance being turned in by first year basketball coach Nate Oats. What we’re seeing from Oats reminds us of someone we all know.

Tua’s Draft Stock

Head on is how we address the rumor mill surrounding Tua’s rising and plummeting draft stock. Bottomline, hold tight. We think the kid is special and we’ve watched enough drafts to understand how this pre-draft season works.

COVID Impacts to Alabama and the College Football Season

We turn in a couple segments walking through our experience with COVID quarantines along with how we expect this to impact Alabama Football. We also take a stab at projecting how it could impact the upcoming college football season.

Saban Using eMail

There, we’re all officially dumber now.

2020 Players to Watch

Finally we spend time calling out 3 players in unique situations who we believe will break out and have outstanding seasons.

Next Up

What is next? That’s a more difficult question to answer for this week, but we’re in the for the long game and football is coming back and so to is some more great content from your Alabama Football Podcast team.

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