2020 Top Ten Alabama Football Catch Up Topics, Part 1


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In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast break down four fun topics during part one of our 2020 offseason catch up.

Citris Bowl Game

For not making the college football playoffs for the first time since that was a thing, the 2019 Alabama team landed in the most Cat Daddy or catbird seats. An old-school styled New Year’s Bowl game matched against another of the game’s true blue-blooded, old money programs. Just watching the game should have made you feel like college football’s version of the monopoly guy.

Capital One Bowl Game, Part 2

Of course, after all the circumstance, it didn’t hurt that Alabama outclassed Michigan after struggling for most of the first half. And yes, we toss around some mini game balls in this review as well.

Coaching Staff Stability and Depth

With both feet we jump into a rundown of the relatively few changes to the coaching staff during the off season. In fact, we take a creative view into the depth of the coaching staff citing the Tide’s 3 deep and both Coordinator spots. We also let fly with a bold prediction as to who lands the next coordinator position and why.

Staff Stability, what?

And as soon as we boast about our staff stability, along comes a change up around the Strength and Conditioning program. We break down these changes with equal parts respect for the departing Cochran and enthusiasm for the incoming new era.

The Pete Golding Path to Wisdom

Yep, we don’t shirk from this topic, but we also don’t fall for the typical message board and comment room tripe. Like or loath, there are key points on both sides of the Golding debate. And important points too, points that may tip decisions regardless of your position. We also issue a bottle bet for fans wanting to take a position opposite us. But hey, worse case is we end up having a drink together talking ball so only winners here.

Next Up

Even more football talk, that’s what’s next. We recorded a total of ten topics when we sat down in front of the mic and today we’re only sharing the first four. The remaining six are in the can and coming to a podcast player near you soon.

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