2020 Top Ten Alabama Football Catch Up Topics, Part 2


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2020 Top Ten Alabama Football Catch Up Topics, Part 2

Alabama Football Podcast steps boldly into a series of offseason topics including recruiting class predictions, ranking departing players, and projecting what’s next for both the team and podcast.

In this episode Tom and Dave from the Alabama Football Podcast break down six more fun topics during part town of our 2020 offseason catch up.

Recruiting Class Predictions

Once again Alabama and Coach Saban signed a top ranked recruiting class and little is more fun than projecting year one impact players from such a prime pool of new talent. Check it out as we dissect the cross section of talent and opportunity to target five can’t miss year one contributors. And for good measure we toss in some bonus picks.

Departing Players

We spend time talking through departing players and offer our thoughts as to their respective decisions. Similarly we talk through those who elected to return and the impact they can have on the Tide, as well as, their long term prospects.

Draft Back

A favorite topic – at least one of mine – is drafting back the players leaving for the NFL draft. The only rule is our player pool is comprised of the ten players who participated in the NFL combine. No doubt you’ll be surprised with who went first and amazed at who hung around for round 5.

Next Up

We finished the podcast with a look forward for both the team and the podcast. Let’s just say that things look bright on both counts.

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