2021 Alabama vs. Ohio State


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2021 Alabama vs Ohio State – The 2020 National Championship

Alabama Football Podcast delivers unique insights into the Tide’s dominating performance against Ohio State in route to an 18th National Title. Yeah, Alabama Does.

They Are Who We Thought They Were

One could argue the outcome of this game was never up for debate. Yes, Ohio State won their conference but surely no one mistook the 2020 BIG as a land of giants. The Buckeye’s best regular season wins were close games to Indiana and Northwestern, which looked about right. Sure, the Clemson game stood out, but ultimately only as the outlier it truly was.

They Too Are Who We Thought They Were

The shoe fits the other foot as well. Alabama laid bare the ten-game conference only schedule setting performance records on a nearly weekly basis. This in the SEC, a conference boasting three playoff contenders until the final week of the regular season and two until the final ranking.

I Will Break You

While cordial and officially regarded as the home team, the Tide made for lousy hosts in Miami. Breaking both Ohio State game plans and collar bones on the first defensive play of the game. While later, and routinely, abusing the Buckeye’s linebacker heavy defensive scheme.

Esprit De Corps

If nothing else was on display, the pride of the Tide was in full effect. Multiple players battled through injury to make an impact or even just an appearance in the game. Waddle most looked the part of a wounded player but ‘most’ is relative. Metchie and Mac were visibly compromised. But the heartstring tugs were all Landon Dickerson. A giant who begged and pleaded his way onto the field for a pair of victory formation snaps.

Dominant Performances

Najee, Devanta, and Mac each put up stat lines you want to roll around with like the villain who covers the bed with stolen money. Christian Barmore was similarly impressive along the defensive front. While many other players donning the crimson and white for the last time registered outstanding performances.

Mini Game balls

Anyone can read a headline, but which players contributed in more subtle ways to the Tide’s fortune?

Next Up

So quickly the off season returns but there’s still plenty to do and discuss. We’ll be back to discuss coaching changes, departing players, and spring drills. Meanwhile, enjoy the championship.

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