2021 Pre Ohio State Public non Interview


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2021 Pre Ohio State Public Non Interview... the title is a mouthful to be sure. Let me break it down for you.

Prior to most or at least several games this season we've done interviews with a reporter or podcast from our opponent. 20-30 minutes of good discussion and perspective from the other side.

We've released all but one, now two, of these exclusive to our listener support team on a secondary private podcast feed. Today we actually dropped our 41st show over there, wow. In case you're interested in checking it out, drop me a line and we'll do an off season special rate.

So that covers the pre and interview parts. What about the 'non' you ask.

Twice, including the Ohio State interview we were prepped and ready to go but the schedule fell through in the end and we weren't able to reschedule. Life happens even to your intrepet podcast team.

In these events, since we've already done the prep, we improvise and ultimately do what we do best.... talk to ourselves. Basically I run through the questions and topics I wanted to cover in the interview. I answer some of the questions and point to the discussion I was hoping to provoke with others.

Its not as good as the two sided interview would be, but its some discussion thats better than none.

Since this next game is kind of a big deal, I wanted to share it with everyone on Saturday - we released it to our support team Thursday night.

So there you have it... enjoy and Roll Tide

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