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This week, we're bringing you another new podcast we think you'll enjoy: The Wanderer.

If you take the roads through the forest, your soul will slowly wither.

If you cut through the forest, the forest will cut you back.

But to wander is to move through the natural pathways of the forest, to travel through its veins and follow its breathing.

The Wanderer is a queer fairy-folk tale audio drama, about being separated from the people we love to keep them safe.

Out now from award winning audio fiction producers T.H. Ponders (Accession, Open World) and Jordan Stillman (The Ordinary Epic). Visit

Prelude – Three Paths

While sitting around a fire, The Wanderer tells of the three ways of traversing the forest – taking the cuts, or the roads and paths, bushwacking, and the oldest way – Wandering.


Written and performed by T.H. Ponders.

Produced by T.H. Ponders and Jordan Stillman.

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