Fiona Apple, The Naked Six, The Chats, and More


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New album recommendations from folk-rock vet Fiona Apple, UK-based indie-rockers Naked Six, Australian ‘shed-rock’ 3-piece The Chats, and the hilarious country group Hot Country Knights.

Plus classic albums from Afro-beat multi-instrumentalist Sinkane. And a record from super-group The Gracious Few featuring members of Candlebox and Live.

Here’s the full list of album recommendations from the show:

Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters (2020) (Folk-Rock)
The Naked Six – The Lost Art of Conversation (2020) (Indie Rock)
The Chats – High Risk Behaviour (2020) (Punk)
Hot Country Knights – The K is Silent (2020) (Country)
Sinkane – Mars (2012) (Afro-Beat)
The Gracious Few – The Gracious Few (2010) (Rock)

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Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

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