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Andrew Warner is the author of Stop Asking Questions, a book for interviewers and anyone who wants to learn through conversations. It’s based on over 2,000 interviews he did on Mixergy, his podcast.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. The people who admire and want to meet you are there. As long as you can start a great conversation, you can build a great relationship with them, and learn from them.

2. Double-barrelled question is a question that has two questions in one. If you ask two things at the same time, people will pick the easy one and only answer that and forget the hard one that you probably want to get answered.

3. If you ask things outright, it feels like it’s coming out of nowhere and it feels like you’re putting your interviewee against the wall and pushing him to say something he’s not comfortable saying. You need to get him an exit to feel comfortable deciding how to respond.

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