Alice Isn't Dead returns for one night only!


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We released the final episode of Alice Isn’t Dead in 2018, and boy has some stuff happened since then. One of the things that has happened is that all the folks involved in making Alice Isn’t Dead have missed those characters and that world. So we are bringing it back, for one night only, on February 25 as a livestream performance.
With Jasika Nicole and Roberta Colindrez performing the classic Alice Isn’t Dead episodes The Factory by the Sea and Badwater, along with live musical accompianment by Disparition. This is going to be a really special show, and we’re so excited to get to visit this world again with all of you.
Tickets are pay what you want starting at $5, and the show can be viewed for up to a month after we perform it, which will be on February 25th at 8pm. I really hope you’ll join us as, for the first time in years, Keisha rides again.
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