Daniele Bolelli: The History of Human Sexuality


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Where in history did ideas of human sexuality change? What was sexually normal in ancient times that is not normal now?

Danielli Bolelli is one of the most fascinating, precise, interesting, historians. You may have seen him on Joe Rogan's podcast, he also hosts both the 'History on Fire' podcast and the "Drunken Taoist' podcast. He is a martial artist and all around a badass.

In this episode of Align, we get into the history of human sexuality. We discuss ancient sexual norms in Rome and Greece, as well as modern day practices. How urbanization has created widespread loneliness, how humans still have the hunter-gatherer mindset, submission, matriarchies and patriarchies, and so much more.

To learn more about Danieli

Instagram: @daniele_bolelli

Twitter: @DBolelli

Website: http://www.danielebolelli.com

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