Dr. Perry Nickelston: Understanding the Relationship between Your Brain and Pain


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Have you ever wondered exactly how your thoughts effect your body?

Everything that happens in your mind; thoughts, feelings, expectations, hopes, fears, desires, guilts, are all tied to the manner in which you occupy your physical vessel. The brain is not designed for accuracy, it’s designed for survival. Our minds can sway our pain because its main goal is to survive, rather than to thrive. We discuss the ways our brain can control our pain and actions through our thoughts. The human body is under no obligation to make sense to us, but we can always try to understand it. The human body is complex, but it’s not complicated.

Dr. Perry is the founder of ‘Stop Chasing Pain’, a podcast that is a resource to help take care of your mind and body, and stop running after pain, and instead get to the root of the problem. He is a master in the world of biomechanics and general healing of the mind and body. Dr. Perry’s strategy with his patients is treating individuals rather than their diagnosis. Every person has a different story, someone who shares the same issue as another, will need a completely different treatment, because they have a completely different past.

3:14- Dr. Perry Nickelston Son and Family Life

7:59- Do you think there is a certain ‘code’ to the way trauma are passed down and manifest in our bodies?

13:50- Life is Supernatural, How to Trust the Healing Process

19:52- Explaining pain and your brain

29:46- Diagnosis’ becoming labels and the negative effects of manifestation

34:25- Chronic Back Pain has nothing to do with your back

39:20- How creating good energy for your body is dire for healing

42:19- the relevance of your past to your current health

49:38- What drives the brain?

53:53- Treating people, not diseases

1:00:08- Pain and suffering is how you learn lessons

1:14:14- What do different pain areas mean?

1:21:26- Changing the subconscious to conquer pain

1:26:33- Every system in the body works together

1:29:54- Trusting the process after trauma

1:36:01- The effectiveness of simply moving your body

To learn more about Dr. Perry:

Website: www.stopchasingpain.com/

Instagram: @stopchasingpain

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