Episode 11: Love and Rockets


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This week, the Dynamic Duo of Marty and Tim come together to talk about the series that Tim loves. The series that brought him back into comics. A series that is still ongoing! Today we are talking about Los Brothers Hernandez magnum opus, Love and Rockets. We also do a quick pullbox of the web comic Assassin Roommate and These Savage Shores
Love And Rockets
Getting into the Series
The Punk aesthetic
How did Tim find it
Who is Maggie and why do we all have a crush on her?
What's our Kirby Score?
Tim: Assassin Roommate W/A: Monica Gallagher
Marty: These Savage Shores W: Ram V, Desinger: Daniel, Colorists: Astone, Inkers: Kumar, Letterers: Bidikar
As usual, we give a huge thank you for our music and sound editing to the beautiful and talented Steve Jacoby
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