Episode 17: Books of Magic


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Hey there ACCtion heroes, want to walk the labyrinth? Careful, if you agree to walk the path, you'll end up like young Tim Hunter, the greatest magician of his age! This week, Marty, Tim, and Nick do a deep dive into the Vertigo classic, Books of Magic mini-series by Gaiman, Bolton, Vess, Hampton, and Johnson. We do talk about Vol2 a little bit, but let's be honest: we're really here for Tim Hunter and John Constantine (and maybe not even in that order)
We also give a quick Pullbox -- Remember that kid's show XEMU? -- and discuss some of our favorite Hispanic superheroes
Books of Magic:
W: Gaiman
Book One Artist: John Bolton
Book Two Artist: Scott Hampton
Book Three Artist: Charles Vess
Book Four Artist: Paul Johnson
Pull Box
Marty -- Decorum: W: Hickman A: Huddleston
Nick -- Immortal Hulk: Xemu Storyline W: Ewing A: Rodriguez, Bennet
Tim -- Marvels X W: Krueger A: Stanojevic

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