Episode 175: Romance in Comics Part 2


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Part 2 of Romance in Comics, featuring Marty, Nick, and Adam from BATTLE OF THE ATOM. Introducing Adam Origin Stories Adam Battle of the Atom Podcast The List Bish and Jubez Romantic Representation: From Love and Rockets to X-Men (25+) Adam - The history of romance in X-men Nick 1963 - Prof X likes Jean Kara and Jimmy - CW Supergirl Marty Destiny and Mystique Logan and Hercules If you had a good time hearing about All Ages Comics and learned a thing or two, please share us with a friend or rate us wherever you get your podcasts. A review on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Sticher or Rdio.com goes a long way towards our visibility. If you want to do more than just share and review, we’re over at patreon as All Comics Considered. Every dollar you give us goes towards building our amazing community! Now, If we’ve made a mistake and you want to let us know about it, you can email us at lockjaw@allcomicsconsidered.com Your hosts have been: Marty Adam can be found at Patreon Tumblr Big Cartel Twitter Nick is legally nick fury And remember ACCtion heroes: There is a mutant for everyone!

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