Episode 177: Book Club - Bone!


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Whence We Speak Of All The Bone Cousins Book Club: Bone Part 1 “Out of Boneville” Welcome to our next Book Club, where we break down specific books and do a bit of a deeper dive into them. Tonight we’ll be talking about the first volume of Jeff Smith’s epic story “Bone”, titled “Out of Boneville”. I’m guessing Jeff went through a breakup before he titled this one. Overview Genre Art Style Writing style Basic plot intro Characters Fone Bone Smiley Bone Phoney Bone Thorn Gramma Ben The Red Dragon Minor characters (Ted, Lucius, the rat creatures) Favorites and Highlights Marty Nick Red Dragon Gramma The weirdly archaic language Tim Insights - any possible insights into the book and its applicability in the real world? Marty Nick The 3 types of M Tim The Innkeeper (Lucius) CBLDF CBLDF Print Rat Creature

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