Episode 183: Pullbox featuring Caitlín Rosberg!


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Wherein in Caitlín flexes their superpower and recommends new comics for TWO friends of the show! Honestly folks, I'm down for most of these titles as Caitlín is Magic! First up: Tom Speelman (@tomtificate) Shojo Manga -- "Soft and mushy with lots of smooches!" I hear the sunspot W/A: Yukio Fumio Afterhours W/A: Yuhta Nishio Letters for Lucardo W/A: Otava Heikkilä Special Shout Out to Chicago's own Iron Circus Comics! Sioban: Readercon and WisCon Organizer The Banks W: Roxanne Gay A: Ming Doyle C: Jordie Bellaire Sara: W: Garth Ennis A: Steve Epting Sentient: W: Jeff Lemire A: Gabriel Walta These Savage Shores W: Ram V A: Sumit Kumar

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