Episode 188: Fantastic Four vs X-men


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Hello and welcome to All Comics Considered, the comic book podcast with a heart of Gold. Tonight, your hosts Marty, Kat, Tim and Nick discuss the Dodson, Dodson, Martin and Zdarsky Joint: FF v X-men Spoiler Alert! Summary 1987 FF v X-men Book one Characters: Xmen: Xavier, Magneto, Pyro, Bishop, Storm, Katherine Pryde (clearly takes place before Mauraders #5) Wolverine FF: FF, Franklin, Valeria, Minor Alien Invasion Book Two Xmen : Same + nightcrawler, Cyclops, Colossus, Emma, Weird time to flirt, Emma FF: New Tech! This Is Some Deep Shit Safe Harbor vs Ethnic State Persona - Super Mom Predictions? If you learned a thing or two, please share us with a friend or rate us wherever you get your podcasts. A review on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Sticher or Rdio.com goes a long way towards our visibility. If you want to do more than just share and review, we’re over at patreon as All Comics Considered. Every dollar you give us goes towards building our amazing community! Now, If we’ve made a mistake and you want to let use know about it, you can email us at lockjaw@allcomicsconsidered.com Your hosts have been Marty @officergleason Tim @apestyle Nick is legally nick fury And remember ACCtion heroes: EVERYONE IS WELCOME ON DOOM ISLAND

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