ATG 79: Unoptional Joy - Why prioritizing your happiness is crucial to your success with Valorie Burton


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So many of the messages we receive in the world try to convince us that success is the key to happiness. But what if that's backward? America's Life Coach, Valorie Burton, argues that happiness is actually the key to the success we crave, and she's got the research to back it up.
Valorie is a bestselling author of 13 books, podcast host, and the founder of the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute (CaPP). She's served clients all over the world through her speaking, coaching, and writing. She joins me for a conversation on prioritizing your happiness, positive psychology, and resilience strategies that will help you achieve your goals. For more from Valorie, check out her latest book, Let Go of the Guilt!
In This Episode:
Visit Valorie’s website for more information
Learn more about the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute
Julie Solomon Book List:
Authentic Happiness by Martin E. P. Seligman
Learned Optimism by Martin E. P. Seligman
The Five Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell
We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers
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