#4 High School Feelings With Marek Tyler


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On this episode I am speaking with Marek Tyler. Marek and I have known each other a few years, practiced yoga together, and played at least one festival together. One of his main projects is drum duties for the band nehiyawak, who were shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize in 2020, but as you’ll hear, he’s got a few other very interesting irons in the fire. Marek was an absolute honor to speak with, and listening back to our talk just drove that point home all the more. He’s got a beautiful way about him, a great giggly laugh, and great stories. I love that our conversation was not very interview-like, in spite of what my expectations were leading in. I owe it to Marek for setting the tone of intimate friendliness that you’ll hear, and the conversation flourished as a result of it. It’s not too much to say that I hope to make as many connections like this as possible in my life.

More specifically, in our conversation, we touch on:

-Playing behind the beat and on top of the beat

-The legendary festival in 1992 in High River, Alberta that stoked his musical fire in such a memorable way

-How his music consumption has changed over the years

-Beyonce and Solange Knowles, and their leadership and artistry

-Early musical experiences, formative years on the drums, and how getting caught in a lie was part of what instigated his drumming

-Drumming and music in Covid times; the upsides that have arisen from it

-The future of live music

-How to practice listening with open ears and minds; how to avoid artistic stagnation

-The fascinating drumming and dancing project he has initiated

-Why his mom is an incredible woman

I hope you enjoy this conversation, and that you get to see the world through Marek’s beautiful eyes for just a little while – it’s worth the look.

Show Notes:

High River Music Fest YouTube Footage and MacLean's Magazine

Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse Instagram

nehiyawak bandcamp

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