#8 Don't Stop This Train With Andrew Scott


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This conversation today is with Andrew Scott, and it was so very enjoyable. Andrew is an incredible session musician based out of Toronto these days, where he lives with his wife Jenie and their brand-new baby daughter. It was a treat to talk to Andrew about all the baby stuff, as we were both blessed with the arrival of little girls at close to the same time, but of course it was great to hear him speak about how he learned and continuing to learn audio engineering and recording, how he developed a career as a session drummer, and how music school shaped his outlook. He is a wealth of experience, insight and good useful information and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and connect with him.

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Episode Summary:

-Changing routines with baby arrivals

-A "typical" day in the life of Andrew Scott

-Possible ways to secure session work as a drummer

-The past and future of liner notes

-How to choose a digital audio workstation (DAW)

-Building a home studio

-The pros and cons of music school

-Supplementary skills a professional musician may need in 2021

-Possible differences between the “scenes” of different Canadian cities

-Models and approaches to professionalism

-Various interpretations of integrity as a musician; personal vs. collaborative projects

-How practicing might evolve as career changes occur

-Developing concentration

-Andrew’s roots and vision for the future

Stop This Train - John Mayer

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