#9 Pro Tips With Samantha Landa


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Today I’m speaking with Samantha Landa. Sam is the drummer in many diverse bands, but punk and metal are the dominant threads of her style. Some of her projects include death thrashers Dead Asylum, metalcore outfit Conquer Divide, and punk rockers the Anti-Queens. We get into how she is able to juggle so many different projects from so many different places, which was very interesting to hear about, but we also spend a of time talking about how to practice effectively, which is a real hobby-horse topic of mine. She had loads of great insights there.

Listening back to the conversation, one of the main takeaways I got from Sam was that she is truly a professional. It comes through in the way she talks about practicing, as mentioned, but also through her work ethic overall, her tenacity, how she has been able to leverage other skill sets she has, like writing, to fortify her music career, and how she relates to gear and technology, just to name a few things. It was inspiring conversation for these reasons and I’ll be very excited to hear about the insights listeners get from hearing this conversation. We crammed a lot into it!


-Organizing festivals and events

-How she got into drums and metal; her evolution of practice

-Memories of NAMM conventions

-Developing technique for speed, flow, endurance, creativity

-How to use rudiments in practice in a way that is interesting

-Crafting an effective practice routine

-Linear drumming

-The Drumeo platform

-Feasibility of being in bands whose members don’t geographically coexist

-Remote work; using electronic drums to record demos

-The many dimensions of filming music videos

-Navigating endorsements

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Sam's bands (partial list): Conquer Divide, Anti-Queens, Dead Asylum

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