Fred Taylor on Tim Tebow, his Hall of Fame candidacy, Jaguars' draft, power of perception, podcast success


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It's about time Fred Taylor gets his due. Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden do that by welcoming on the former Gator and Jaguar great to discuss recent moves made by his old organization and to highlight his case for the Hall of Fame and lots more (29:00). But first, our co-hosts chop it up on the NFL Draft with a focus on the Vikings' pick and how some of our former guests fared (2:00). 'Has Pat Heard' tests P2's knowledge of juicy football rumors (11:30), while we learn Pat's first impressions of Minnesota during our newly re-branded '7 Questions' segment (23:15). Then it's time to chat with a great pro (whether it be at football or podcasting), Fred Taylor (29:00). Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne are now Jags, so what does the man who spent 11 years with the organization think of the selections? Tim Tebow is also rumored to potentially be joining the team as we hear Fred's feelings about his return. Taylor then shares what it was like growing up in Belle Glade, Florida, and addresses the legend of kids chasing rabbits in his hometown. He traveled north to the University of Florida for his college career then not too far to Jacksonville for his pro career as we discover more about those experiences. Fred details how injuries early in his career could have negatively impacted the perception of his game in the long run. Playing in a small football market also didn't help his case when it came time for Pro Bowl selections. Despite all that, he built a strong case for the Hall of Fame and believes he will eventually be inducted. Hear Taylor relive memories of a 2007 playoff matchup vs. the Steelers and explain why his podcast "I Am Athlete" has found so much success. Superlatives attempt to settle the greatest Jaguar of all time!

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