India’s labour force: Why are women missing?


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India’s Women Labor Force Participation Rate (WLFPR) rate is at an abysmal 21%. Why does this matter? What are the factors that are driving this trend? And what can be done to course-correct? Priti Kataria, Anupriya Mohta and Aarushi Kataria discuss all this and more.

Anurpriya Mohta has an academic background in business and marketing. Seeking to build a career in Marketing and Brand and Operations Consulting and promote sustainable growth of organisations, esp. in the social space.

Priti Kataria is the CHRO of Wipro’s iCore business. She leads an employee base of over 100k employees across 40 different countries with 37% gender diversity. She is also pursuing a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources from IIM Indore.

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