#144 - Blymiller Update: FMT, PANDAS and Health & Wellness with Angela and Shawn


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Raising a child with Level 3 autism and a combined diagnosis of PANDAS can be a challenge for parent and child. Today we welcome back the Blymillers. We first interviewed Angela and Shawn 122 episodes ago! Much has changed since then. In this show, we check in with these super-parents to find out how their five-and-a-half-year-old boy, Theo, is responding to his various therapies, and to hear some of the lessons they have learned.
We hear how Angela and Shawn have refined their priorities, how it has been important to make changes, and what has led them to go down a path of following intuition, rather than outward advice. We cover some of Theo’s most impactful therapies and why they’re so beneficial. We touch on chiropractic, listening programs, CBD, and revolutionary FMT therapy. The Blymillers share what FMT therapy is and how it can create a healthier microbiome while protecting sufferers of PANDAS from flare-ups and infection.
Later in the show, we ask the Blymillers to share details on their Pure Living Family brands, which include protein powders, magnesium, and vitamin D. They furnish us with pertinent information about the importance of proper binders, and how to detox your body effectively.
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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guests, the Blymillers.
  • Catching up with Shawn and Angela, we ask them a series of questions.
  • Shawn and Angela give listeners a life update and how their child is doing.
  • Angela and Shawn tell us they refined their priorities.
  • Why it has been important for the Blymiller’s to lean into their intuition.
  • We cover some of Theo’s therapies and how they have benefited him.
  • Hear the Blymiller’s background in FMT and their experiences with it.
  • How FMT has helped Theo’s journey with PANDAS.
  • What the symptoms of PANDAS are.
  • How an unfortunate car accident led to a regression in Theo’s immune health.
  • Angela and Shawn discuss their experiences with CBD.
  • Hear about the Blymiller’s protein powder and other Pure Living Family brands.
  • How Theo’s diagnosis has pushed his parents to live healthier lives.
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