Episode 171 - The Lads Talk About: The GameBoy Advance!


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This week, Jon and Pat are talking about one of their favorite gaming consoles: the GAMEBOY ADVANCE! - The Lads talk about their favorite games: Donkey Kong Country, Pokémon, Metroid, Castlevania, Legend of Zelda, Golden Sun, & more! - Unearth forgotten peripherals like the e-Reader and DLC cards! - Discuss rare gems for the GBA along with games they missed! ---------------------------------------------------- Introducing All You Can Hear's new hotline phone number! Call us for free at (205) 523-4965! Ask us a question and we'll take your call on a future episode! ---------------------------------------------------- Twitch Archive YT: www.youtube.com/channel/UCIy_QGERcQFsU52SgUleyEQ If you like what we're doing here, don't forget to leave us a review! You can also follow us on all of our social media below and tell us how we're doing: Twitter: @aychpodcast Instagram: aychpodcast Twitch: AllYouCanHear

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