Do you ask people what kind of support they need? feat. Tasha Colin


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Do you ask people what kind of support they need? In this week’s episode, Tasha Colin (rolling they/them, she/her) shares about coming out as a previously held identity and what three magic words of support boosted their spirit. Learn what book helped spark her curiosity and made her feel seen. We also discuss how asking about pronouns is totally okay AND how asking personal questions about sex and how people have it is NOT a good way of showing support. Have you ever heard of the term demisexual and wondered what that was all about or why a term is needed for that experience? They talk about how their claimed identities have evolved over the years and why their identities and terms may continue to change as time goes on. We also wonder if utopia and liberation are possible when folks don't all agree on what that looks like.

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Host Chris Angel (they/them) has a background in LGBTQ+ education, community organizing, and social work. Guest episodes feature at least one allyship tip, including tailored questions given their unique intersecting identities.

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