Anna Raytcheva, Founder and CIO, Sonya Capital Management


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Over her 22 years at Citi Group, Anna Raytcheva managed complex trading risks through volatility regimes both high and low. The Orange County blowup on the back of Greenspan’s surprise tightening campaign in 1994 provided Anna with an early lesson on the vulnerabilities that arise from owning exotic securities, especially when they are positioned with leverage. My conversation with Anna considers this and other prominent periods of market disruption and what they taught her about the limitations of modeling. With markets prone to risk on / risk off, Anna sought to develop trading signals using machine learning techniques to detect clues that a change in the vol regime was afoot. Founding Sonya Capital in 2017, Anna capitalized on the perspective she gained trading through crisis periods when liquidity evaporated from markets. As such, she constructs positions using global futures to implement a discretionary global macro strategy that takes economic data, policy changes and flows as inputs. We finish our conversation with Anna's assessment of the movement to empower more women in the field of finance. Noting that there's plenty of work still to do, she is optimistic on the opportunities for female advancement in the industry. Please enjoy this episode of the Alpha Exchange, my discussion with Anna Raytcheva.

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