Episode 12 – Waiting or Mr X.


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Okay folks here we are again with our latest episode. Episode 12 come complete with two infamous guests on our panel in the slightly rotund shape of Mr X and the more svelte like shape of Brett Wilkie.

This time we talk about our usual collection of recent games that we’ve played, some event mentions, some masters chat, and two event reports in the form of the Pre Masters Mashup an
As usual don’t forget to check out our sponsors at Maelstrom Games for all your hobby needs.d the York Grandslam. We then close out the show by talking about a question we’ve had on building lists.

Also have a look at the details for Halloween Havoc here for their You Tube promo’ video and finally go and take a look at Steam Forged and check out a growing community resource for Hordes and Warmachine.

One last thing, if you don’t currently listen too Muse on Mini’s then it’s well worth a listen as there’s some great stuff in there, plus you get some Road to War thrown in to the deal as well.

Many thanks for listening and if you fancy leaving us a positive review on iTunes then that would be much appreciated, also don’t forget that you can follow us both on Twitter, with more Warmachine and Hordes shenanigans and specifically some painting stuff from me.

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Episode 12 – Waiting for Mr X

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