Episode 20 – A Phoenix from the Flames


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Alpha Strike Radio itunes artworkIn this months episode of Alpha Strike Radio we talk about about Rich’s recent experiences with the Woldwrath, we talk about Smogcon and the recent World Team Championship selection day for team England and Nathan makes a decision on the ongoing saga of Mercs of Cygnar or Legion. We also talk about a few recent upcoming events and what’s going on with the UK Nationals (nb – details were leaked a day or two after we’d recorded but I’ve left it in for completeness sake and I have a feeling we’ll be coming back to this topic next time.) and we make a few predictions for the England WTC teams. Turns out there’s also quite a few events for Hordes and Warmachine happening in the UK in the not so distant future and you can find a pretty comprehensive list of the UK’s upcoming events here.

Plus this episode we are proud to announce a new sponsor in the shape of The Outpost in Sheffield, a recent addition to the UK’s top quality line up of friendly local gaming stores. Have a look at their on-line store or if you’re in the general vicinity of Sheffield or passing through then they have a very nice bricks and mortar store in the heart of Sheffield city centre.

You can find them at www.the-outpost.co.uk. You can also find them on Twitter @Outpostwargames and on Facebook – Outpost Wargames


Episode 20 – Pheonix from the Flames

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