Episode 23 – UK Nationals


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Alpha Strike Radio itunes artwork22Welcome to Episode 23 of Alpha Strike Radio as sponsored by The Outpost. In this Episode we talk about our experiences at the recent UK Nationals and this episode is marked by the presence of Angry Ash as out guest for this one. So we talk about about our thoughts on the venue, the organisation and then we launch in to game discussions, where Rich for the first time ever has a titanic memory fail, he’s blaming it on work bless him.

So just for clarification’s sake here were his opponents and more specific game results.

Round 1 – Rob Broom – Trolls – Win – Caster Kill

Round 2 – Dave Forster – Khador – Win – Caster Kill

Round 3 – Lewis Johnson – Cygnar – Loss – Scenario

Round 4 – Colin McNeal -Cygnar – Loss – Conceded (So everything).

Round 5 – Shaun Patterson – Cygnar – Loss – Scenario

Round 6 – Steven McConnahie – Gators – Win – Caster Kill

Round 7 – Chris Young – Cygnar – Loss – Caster Kill

So there are the generics to go with the game descriptions.

As usual many thanks for listening and take care.

UK Nationals

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