Am I Doing This Right?


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Each week, our hosts, Corinne Foxx and Natalie McMillan, cheers to the uncertainty of adulthood. And by “cheers,” they are being quite literal. A glass of wine (or two) makes this life “how to” podcast feel more like casual, after-work drinks with your best friend than a lengthy lecture. Budding business owners and best friends, Corinne and Natalie know first hand how hard it is to navigate life’s biggest milestones, from completing your first tax return to buying your first home. They often find themselves calling each other for advice, frequently asking, “Am I Doing This Right?” And thus a sisterhood of common confusion has been born. Am I Doing This Right? is not a your typical “how to” podcast. Why? Well, Corinne and Natalie aren’t experts - in fact, they’re far from it. They’re just two best friends with 26 years of life experience, and a whole lot of questions about today’s rapidly changing world. For example, How do I start my own business? Should I buy or lease my car? How do we survive student debt? What’s the best Hinge profile strategy? How do I balance work life and my personal life? Do I really need a 401k? The goal isn’t to provide all the answers, but to bring comfort to our audience knowing they aren’t the only ones asking the same questions. This evergreen podcast will act as a guide book for young people on how to kickstart their adulthood. This “learning along the way” approach makes this podcast less of a Ted Talk and more of a happy hour. For more life advice, follow us on Instagram: @amidoingthisrightpod Have a life question? We might answer it on our next episode! Email your life question to: For more information, visit

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